Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rolling along

So it's been a few days, and I'm trying to make the blog regular, if not daily.

I had a pretty good weekend of training, with 3 workouts on Friday, a big brick Saturday, and long run today.
Things went really well on Friday, finishing with my best run in a long, long time. Feeling quick and moving well. Checking the split at certain markers on the course, I could tell I was moving quickly.

Saturday was a switch, as Mac and I joined a few other guys and headed north onto Camp Pendleton, riding some of the CA 70.3 course. It was just under 6 hours for me, but the ride was never ridiculous, or super hard. We threw in some faster sessions, but we were really smart on this ride. I got home and Orlanda rode her beach cruiser alongside me while I did the transition run. (The beach cruiser was a wedding gift I got her).

We went to Crown Point Shores, and did some running drills in the grass. She did the drills too, as I'm coaching her to her goals in running, the latest being a 1:45 at La Jolla Half-Marathon.
On Sunday, I did the long run from Cardiff. It was a good group, and the best I've felt on this run in a LONG time! I had to slow it down late, and cut it a few minutes short, as my hip flexor was starting to bother me. It might have been the drills I did on Saturday's t-run, in combination with the Wednesday ride. Luckily it's been fine the rest of the day, and I see Dan tomorrow to fix it and continue to monitor the soleus.
I'm starting to finally understand the training, and getting it down right. Pete and I have traded emails, and he's excited about my progress, especially mentally. I'm much more disciplined now, and I now get it! The consistency of my training is getting so good, and I'm progressing so well, that my confidence continues to skyrocket!
I'm pretty excited about Wildflower! I also found out I will see some familiar faces down in Panama for the race. Should be good! More details to come soon!
Hope your training is going well too. Tomorrow starts my recovery week, so two days off! Monday is the first day off, and of course, it's PACKED with other crap. Not sure that fully translates to a day off, but it'll have to do.
Vance - 2007 NFA

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