Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Making the blog daily!

So I've come to the decision that if I'm going to do this blog, I've got to do it right. I'm going to be making it daily, or as daily as I can possibly make it. This is supposed to help people follow my journey of training and preparing for my goal races, so I've got to make it worth following.

Today is a typical Tuesday for me, sleep in to get rested up, then do a noon masters swim at UCSD. After that it's a big run workout for me. Today I'll be heading up to University City High School to run with the distance kids there. They have a youngster named Macky Fleet, who just finished 28th at the USATF Junior XC Championships in Boulder, CO. He's only 16, and the kid went sub 1:55 last year as a frosh in the 800. Coach McCarthy loves having me come out to train with his kids, and I haven't been out there with them for awhile, so this should be cool. It's not often our training schedules match, so it's a good opportunity. I also love to support high school kids running track. It's not often they get to see someone who's running for a living, (swimming and biking too.)

Macky is a kid I've watched grow up for the past 6 years, and man, he's getting big AND FAST! It's exciting. I've known his dad, Dale, and that's how I've followed Macky. Dale was a stud steeplechaser back in the day at Washington State, in the low 8:40's. Scary to think how Macky is much faster than he was at the same age!

If the name University City High School sounds familiar for track, it's where Felix Sanchez graduated from. Felix has been named Track and Field News Athlete of the Year before, and is one of the most dominant athletes in the world of Track and Field.

Should be fun...I'll post about how it went later.

On another note, I've changed my definition of Sponsor. The companies in the previous post "SUPPORT" me with product, but they do not pay me a salary. When someone pays me, then I will consider myself SPONSORED. More on this to come...some cool ideas and plans.

Vance - 2007 NFA

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