Saturday, February 17, 2007

Long ride, short t-run day

Sorry I missed Friday's blog entry, doing this daily is a challenge! I had three workouts yesterday, including a sprint session in the pool, a bike trainer workout, and a water run! Plus all the stuff I was running around doing.

Today was a BIG day, the biggest of the year so far. I did the Swami's ride from B+L in Solana Beach, big loop, which amounted to just under 6 hours on the bike, with parts of it pretty quick with the local top cyclists, some triathletes.

This week was the first time in a few weeks that Chris Horner was not on the ride, which made it much tighter a pack today than in the weeks past, as Horner normally strung everyone out.

Rode with Mac Brown, a top amateur Ironman guy, 7th American overall at Kona last year, and Peter's other athlete, Andy Christian, who's raising money for the Semper Fi Fund. It's a cool fund which helps families of wounded Marines who come home and need help.

After the ride, I did a little 30 min jog, just to see how I felt. Felt pretty good at first, but then crappy after about 10 minutes. Oh well, when it's big days like this, it's all about just getting in the time.

Tomorrow morning I'll be out running long in the AM with the boys in Cardiff, headed down to Torrey Pines. We'll run up the big ass hill, do a loop on some of the trails, then back, which will be about 17-18 miles in 1:50. Should be good!

This is a picture of the view from Torrey Pines State Park, where our run will go tomorrow.

I'm conducting an open-water swim clinic tomorrow afternoon as well. I'll try to post some pics. Otherwise, it's good to be feeling better and getting in some good miles, getting stronger!

Vance - 2007 NFA

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