Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ohhh...that hurt!

So little Macky kicked my butt late on the run, the last big hill we climbed. Pace was high and intense for awhile. 12 miles with them, then I finished it off with a few miles of my own, easy. Reviewing the heartrate data shows I probably went too hard. When I got home I emailed Peter, (my coach Peter Reid), and told him, "I'm f-ing wrecked!" He called me up a few minutes later a little worried. I was also pretty beat because I came straight from the pool to the run. Put in about 4200 yards, with 2400 of it pretty quick.

Here's the actual HR data, if anyone is interested, along with the elevation chart, because it was hilly as hell! You can actually see how high my HR got on the last hill, 180 bpm!

About an hour after the run was over, I was at B+L San Diego picking up my bike, and I got hit bad with some stomach issues. I probably had to sit on the toilet over a dozen times over the course of yesterday evening and night. It was bad, and I slept horrible.

Taking today off to get rehydrated and recovered fully. Tomorrow was supposed to be a day off, so I might just do a swim and light run, but not sure yet. Playing it by ear.

I found out Macky ran 1:55.72 last year, as a freshman in high school, and 4:24 in the mile. Not bad times for a senior, much less a frosh! And he's strong as hell right now. I was invited back for next week, but I don't know if Peter will let me, or my intestines!

We'll see how things go from here.

Vance - 2007 NFA

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