Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Packing for Panama

The season is about to officially start. Once I get on that plane in the morning, headed to Panama, it all begins. Luckily, I love this race and love what I do, so it's an exciting time! If you don't know about this race, IT'S KILLER!


I will be doing the racer diary at www.InsideTriathlon.com, so you can follow the fun and follies of my travels and racing on this trip. Unfortunately, I do not have the Kuota Kup yet, so the 29er will be the bike of choice for this race. (I'm actually excited to race it again!) Why the 29er? Because the race is off-road, and in some instances, that is an understatement! I'll be doing some discussion on the course in the coming days.

I am pretty happy with where everything in my training and preparation is at. I am certainly not in any peak for this race, but I am ready for it. I am over my sickness, (just getting the last residual crap out of my sinuses and lungs in the AM), and am swimming well, running strong, and just got some solid results from my lactate test yesterday with Roch Frey.

I was wondering if I should tell people what my numbers were, but I figure what the hell. I'm sure Rappstar is studying up, wanting to know where others are at, (hahaha). Executive summary, Aerobic Threshold was 300 watts, LT was 350 watts. Not bad, considering I'm still about 7-9 lbs heavier than I was for Florida, and the big training hasn't even really started. The picture below is from the test, and no, I'm not on the Kalibur yet. Because they're equipping it full SRAM, I will get it after I get back from Panama.

I hope to do another test in about 6-8 weeks. Should be interesting to see the effects of the training, and who knows how much faster I'll be on the new bike. I already know the Kalibur will allow me to have much more drop than the Transition, but of course you have to find the balance of aerodynamics and power.

Well, back to packing!
Vance - 2007 NFA

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