Thursday, March 15, 2007

About to head out the door...

About to head out for my training for today, 3:30 ride, with 30 min t-run. Luckily it's all cruise pace, first and second HR zones. I'll be saving my energy and effort for Saturday's St. Patrick's 10K at Mission Bay, where I'll get a good test. Pete really believes a 10K gets you ready for a half better than a half-marathon does, and I agree.

I have been reviewing the Panama race a lot, and trying to figure out where I lost it. Some funny observations:

1. I had been on my mountain bike 1 time in 2007 before the race. That was the weekend before the race.

2. I feel like I'm swimming pretty well, and it's starting to show. I have been moving in the water this week. Yesterday did a 200 yard time trial at UCSD, 2:06. Best time yet, and I was pretty conservative, know I can go 2:03. Looking at how big a gap I had in the race was pretty impressive. Excited about that.

3. I haven't done ANY threshold work on the run, and I think that's why I fell apart and Rom was able to hold his gap on me. This weekend's 10K will be a good step toward getting things set for Wildflower. I don't really know what to expect for this weekend. I know I'll be happy if I go sub 33 mins. In a couple weeks I'll also be doing the Carlsbad 5000. That should be a good test as well. I originally had hoped I could challenge the 15 min barrier, but now I don't know if that's possible based on my training. However, I think I should be right around 15:30.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my boy Jameson is going to do this weekend. He better not let me beat him! (That's right, I'm calling you out here! Unless I just run really well, hahaha).

Otherwise, things are going well. I'm excited the season has started, but excited there is still of plenty of time to continue my preparations for Wildflower.

Well, off to ride...and no, I don't have my new bikes yet. Waiting on SRAM.

Vance - 2007 NFA