Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling the workload

After a complete rest day yesterday, I was excited to get back to training and figured I was ready to tear it up! WRONG! It became clear I underestimated my work load from the weekend, especially Sunday's long run of over 2 hours, and then the weight session.

It's amazing, but in the pool, I always seem to swim better and faster as the workout goes on. It literally takes me 2-3K until I am warmed up and really swimming in my rhythm and groove. So it was no surprise when I hit my groove on the last set of descending 100's. I swear I swam each round the same way, but for some reason, the last round is the fastest almost always. Anyways, I struggled a little today in the water.

It seemed like a step back, but it just shows I'm working hard. Having some slower days in the water is normal, but if it gets really bad then you need to back off. Pete always tells me, "When the swimming starts to suck, it's a clear sign you're over-training."

About an hour after the pool workout, I started my run workout for the day. 30 min warm-up, 3x10 mins with 3 min recoveries, then 4x1 min with 2 min recoveries, and cool down to make 90 mins. I try to start off conservative and make the last interval the fastest. Oddly enough, I felt fine, but it was clear that my heartrate was higher than I expected, especially for my effort level.

In summary, I underestimated the workload of the past weekend. Tomorrow is a big day as well, then I shut it down and get ready for Carlsbad 5000. We'll see how that one goes.

Since many people read this who don't know about where I train, and what it's like in San Diego, I figured I would share with you some of the places I use in my training. After reading the Inside Triathlon magazine issue on Boulder, I actually started to realize more how much I love San Diego! It's fine that they gave the distinction of Tri-Mecca to Boulder, as I'd rather have everyone move there than here!

So here's some brief photos of the areas and facilities I train at...

This is the woods where I do a lot of my interval training, like today.

This is obviously the track where I workout sometimes as well, and you can see the woods surrounding it, where the trail system is.

This is the Canyonview Aquatic Center on campus. We switch to long course next Monday, and I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!
If you ever come to San Diego and want a great place to train, UCSD is a great place!
Off to bed...
Vance - 2007 NFA

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barndog said...

what's not to love about this town?
frequent updates are great. it's a good learning tool to follow a top athlete.