Thursday, March 22, 2007

Macky....Holy CRAP!

First off, sorry about the picture issues, I don't know what the hell is wrong with this thing sometimes. I am trying again to get it to work. I find sometimes you can right click and save it to the desktop, then view it, otherwise it's got it's own mind.
So if you recall a few of my posts about running with a local high schooler here, named Macky, well then you heard it here first! Macky ran 3:50 in the 1500 last Saturday at San Diego State, beating a field of collegians, and running one of the fastest sophomore times in California HISTORY!
Check it out...
Really excited for him, as he's a great kid. He's got a great family, a great coach in Jimmy McCarthy, and a ferocious competitive spirit and work ethic. The future is very bright, and I hope I played a small role in his success at least.
Meanwhile, today is a total rest day, after two really big days. Tuesday was a workout with Swain in the early morning, consisting of a lot of split squats, and chin-ups. I haven't done chin-ups in over a year, and after 21, I was toast! I thought for sure I would swim like crap at noon, but amazingly, IT WENT GREAT!
After that it was 90 min run on the trails of UCSD with 3x10 mins, with 3 min recovery, descending the efforts, then 2x2 mins with 2 min recovery, done FAST!
Yesterday was another big day of AM swim, about 3500 yards, (and wow, I was really feeling the chin-ups! Swimming was definitely affected.) Then it was home for a big breakfast, and on the bike with Mac Brown, (I train with a lot of Mac's), for our favorite workout of 10 times up Soledad! 2 sets of 5, with a 30 min easy spin between sets. It's amazing how much better it went this time than last. 4 hours of riding total.
Off the bike it was a run of about 30-40 mins. I decided not to even turn on the watch. I just wanted to go out and run on feel. I felt like crap the first half. I was supposed to do some drills at the half-way point, then run home. I did about 2 drills, and realized I was totally worthless. Bagged the rest, as it makes no sense to do them incorrectly because you're too tired and feeling inflexible from the climbs.
I felt a lot better on the run home, but I think it's because the wind was at my back. Was supposed to hit the weight room later, but after still feeling Swain's workout, I figured it was a big enough day. I came home, ate, showered and took an hour and a half nap.
Today being a rest day, means a lot of errands, seeing the accountant to see what I owe Uncle Sam, and massage at 11:30. Lots to do, no more time for blogs.
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