Monday, December 3, 2007

Week #1, day 1 & new steed!

Monday, so that means weight and RHR check:

RHR - 52 this morning, unchanged from last week.

Weight - 183.2 lbs, (-4.4 lbs from last week! 187.6) That's a biggest loser number!

Ok, before I go on, check out my new steed for road riding!

Look 555, with the new Ultegra SL

This past week was the first run with the new Garmin Forerunner 305, and able to start tracking my fitness gains, (or losses).

Saturday - My 10K bay loop, in 46:03, Avg HR 157, Max 176, Avg Pace 7:30
Sunday - easy bike ride, with Orlanda, working with some clients on bike skills
Monday - Back at it with the 10K bay loop, (truck issues kept me out of the masters session) 45:13, Avg HR 158, Max 170, Avg Pace 7:20 (nice improvement, at only 1 bpm more!)

That's all for now, very busy. Will keep you informed of more. Trying to figure out how to upload Garmin files on here for people to see how my training went. But trust me, so far I am FAR, FAR away from looking like an elite level athlete! Hahaha!



daveplatfoot said...
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D a v e P said...

Hey Jim,

To upload and share your Garmin data you first have to open a free motionbased account ( Once you have that and have uploaded your activities online, go to the activity you want to share and click the "activity options" link, then click the "create viewport" link. It will create the HTML content automagically that you can paste anywhere.
Let me know if you need help!

-Dave P