Monday, December 10, 2007

Good weekend, now in Arizona

I am writing this blog post from Joe Friel's house. Made the 6 hour trek to Phoenix today, to do some testing tomorrow with Joe, and his local resources, as well as a bike fit by his guy here. We'll also do some video analysis of my run and swim. Should be good.

The day started off with good news, a lower RHR of 50, down 2 beats from last Monday, and 181.0 lbs, down over 2 lbs! Probably could have been better had I not drank so much beer and ate as much junk food on Friday night. Believe it or not, I didn't even do the ride on Saturday. Too much going on, weather sucked for riding, and I spent the good part of the day watching the Footlocker Cross Country Championships out at Balboa Park. It was great to see a kid from Indiana win it! I myself am a Hoosier, Lawrence Central High School, c/o 1994! Hard to believe the kid who won wasn't even in kindergarten then. Ouch! I am getting old!

Had a great run on Sunday afternoon though, and can see my body is starting to get back into the training mode. Good thing too!

This morning was a weights session at UCSD before heading out.

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow, and maybe even share some of my video footage, and other info we gather. Stay tuned!


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