Thursday, November 29, 2007

The first real day of training for 2008

Resting HR in the AM - 52

Weight in the AM - 187.6 lbs. (OUCH!)

30 min run around the bay, very slow, and very bad. Tomorrow I get the new Garmin 305 Forerunner in the mail, and should be using it over the weekend. Will be sharing the files soon, but please don't laugh when you see how slow, fat and out of shape I am when I begin posting it!

It's funny, but looking at my weight, this may be like following "The Biggest Triathlon Loser", online! If I get back to my Florida weight of 165 lbs, that will be losing over 12% of my body weight! Stay tuned!

Other news - spent a good part of the day at Zoot, looking at the 2009 shoe-line, with the improvements, giving my feedback and ideas, and helping choose the color schemes. Yes, 2009, because all that stuff has already been done and set for 2008!



Bill said...

Holy cow, I'm only 7lbs heavier than a pro! ;)

I just got my 305 this week as well. Just in case you don't know, they've got a $50 rebate that expires today (30 Nov). Since you already bought it, you're good to go. Details are here:

Good luck getting back into the training.


Matt said...

Hey jim,
What's your height ?

Guernsey Man said...

Cool stuff you having going on here Jim. How is the nooner? Man I miss that work-out. Do you want me to send you a speedo for Christmas so you will look like a swimmer?

Miss all you guys and San Diego, say hi to Terry for me and good luck with the start of your new year.