Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rest week

With it being Christmas time and all, I am in a recovery week. It's been busy the past few weeks, which is why I haven't posted much. I was especially slammed with getting my USAT Level 2 Certification test completed and turned in last week. Plus, training was getting busy, and I am still trying to find that groove of time management again.

So in the meantime, here are some things to catch-up on:

1. My new bike position. Here are two photos, one of my old position on the bike, one of the new. I don't really have any good photos of the full old position, only what we took when I did the metabolic test.
The old position:

In this position, I noticed I carried too much tension in my arms and shoulders, trying to get lower than I was capable.

The new position:

With the help of Chris Pulleyn, (in photo with me), from Bicycle Ranch in Phoenix, we made some big changes, and brought me up quite a bit more. It's not more aerodynamic, in a traditional sense, but I would have to test that to make sure. I can certainly tell though, I am MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. I am not fighting with myself and the crouching, when going on the bike. I really think this will make a big difference in the later stages of a race, keeping me fresher for the run.

We also had to move me forward, to get me more over the pedals. (See #2).

2. If you look at my new position on the bike, you'll notice some other interesting tweaks for this year. The first change is the use of Q-Rings, which I'll be writing more about on my TriTechReview blog soon. The other change is the cleat position. Joe has switched me to a mid-sole cleat position, dead in the middle of my foot. More on that as well in the TriTech blog. Check out the photo for more.

This is the old position, with the new mid-sole cleat position. Now you understand why I needed a change!

So for now, that's all I have, I will be updating the power files on here soon. Remember, you can follow my online training log anytime with the link on the right.

Hope every had a great holiday, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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Anonymous said...

I would love to read more about your midfoot change and what exactly your fit specs were and what they went to....just to see the trend. Fortunately I was already riding the T1 Carbon's so it was easy to turn them into SPD midfoots. Where can I learn more about your changes and I'm still fiddling with it?