Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Let me be one of the first to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The coolest thing about New Year's is that it's the one time we feel like we get a fresh, new start. We feel like we've put things behind us that were negative, and focus on the positive possibilities of the new year. It's amazing how the calendar can affect us in this way, since any other time of the year we seem to have so much trouble with it. Come midnight, amongst all the cheering, you can almost hear a collective sigh of relief. People are so happy to get thru whatever it was holding them back in that year.

This year, I hope to keep focused on the positives, limiting my negative thoughts and stress. Kind of like New Year's everyday!

In a new twist, I did something I normally can't stand, but thought it was pretty cool. I did a 4 hour trainer ride! It was the longest trainer ride of my life!

The set-up for the 4 hour ride, with nice TV view!

I'm sure you asking why a guy who lives in San Diego would spend 4 hours on the trainer. Well, that's a good question. There were a lot of reasons, but the main one was the quality of the workout I wanted to do. The workout called for a flat course, and 50% of ride time in zone 2, which meant I would need to probably ride at Fiesta Island, which is just about as boring as a trainer can be. I also just had one of those gut feelings when I was putting on my clothes, that something bad was going to happen on my ride. I've never had that before, and was a little spooked by it.

Then I saw there was some cool football on TV, (Orlanda is a big 49ers fan), with the 49ers and Browns. I got a 42 inch HDTV from my wife for X-mas/Anniversary, so I decided to enjoy the game in HD, while riding the trainer.

It actually was quite fun! Utilizing a power meter, made it so easy to keep the quality right where I wanted, it was great! Plus I used a Gordo tip on the ride of every 15 mins and 45 mins past the hour, you do 6x1 min single leg drill, and every 30 mins of the hour, and on the hour, 1 min of VO2 max watts for 1 min. It helped the time go by well, and broke it up nicely.

So 11 water bottles later, and NO CALORIES, I was beat. But I had fun! Might have to do it again next weekend, if the weather is as bad as it looks like it might be here. (Yes, San Diego has some bad days!)

Happy New Year!



jameson said...

4 hours on the trainer... you're gnarly. Happy New Year!

ramon said...

At least you were watching the niner.(even though they are terrible this year.) Four hour trainer ride...WOW. Happy New Year!!!

manny82 said...

I saw that you use a power tap
do you notice a difference in power from indoors to outdoors? 200 watts inside seems harder than 200 outside. Any thoughts