Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training Update and LT test power file

Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog much this week, but it's been very busy around my house. I've created an office out of one of the bedrooms, in order to keep more organized and get my coaching work done, as well as analyze my training, all without the distractions of the rest of the house.

So here is the power file from the LT test on Tuesday in Phoenix, with Joe...


(Also, I have figured out why the last file probably did not work! You can go back and download that one).

I plan to post some more info from the testing session, and the bike fit, along with pics. There are a lot of cool changes happening with my biking and training, and you'll be intrigued if you check back in soon! For now though, my LT was measured at 168 bpm, and 270 watts. Not too far off the test the Friday before. (If you're doing a WKO file for me to follow along, I'll have more files on here soon. Also, my max HR you can enter as 186), and you saw my weight this week!

As you can see in the online training log, I've been busy and back at training as well. I've been entering times and paces, so you can get a sense of where I'm at, etc.

Things seem to be going well. Most importantly, the trip to Phoenix did wonders for my motivation! Working with Joe has me so excited, and I am anxious to get fit again! Honestly, I was seriously contemplating retiring over the course of the downtime. I wondered if I still had it, and if I was ready to mentally make the commitment. Those few days with Joe in Phoenix made a big difference! But I guess it's early, so we'll truly see if it made a difference in the coming months.



manny82 said...

hello jim

I was woundering what what the protocal for Joe's lt test and also how do you do the Allen and Coggan's FTP test? Thank you and have a good day

Jim Vance said...


Thanks for visiting and reading. The protocal for the test was 150 watts starting, then 200, then up by 30 watts every 3 mins. The mask measured the amount of carbon dioxide I was expelling.

The Allen and Coggan test is simply a 20 min TT on a trainer, for best average power, minus 5%, to estimate FTP. However, for me the result was off about 6.4%, meaning the average power I held for the 20 mins was about right for my FTP. However, it should be noted that especially in the early stages of training, there can be rapid improvement. Perhaps the training in the days leading up to the test really helped when it came time to do the test.

Hope this helps.


manny82 said...


So what is your FTP in race shape? My guess 320-340? Well have a good day and keep up the training