Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Phoenix update..

Things are going well here in Phoenix with Joe, but they have been very busy! Today was a crazy day of the following:

6:30 AM - Up and coffee, pack for the day.
7:30 AM - Off to the pool, Joe checks out my stroke.
8 AM - Joe films me running some.
8:30 AM - Breakfast, and discussion of this season, plans, etc.
10 AM - Lactate and FTP test on the bike, with metabolic cart.
11 AM - Assessment from physical therapist at Endurance Rehab.
12 PM - Lunch, discussion of results from test.
1 PM - Bike fit until 4 PM.
4 PM - Back to Endurance Rehab for exercises and follow-up.
5 PM - Back to Joe's house.
6 PM - Dinner.

It's been a long and a very useful day. Joe says 80% of the preparation is now complete! Hahaha, I wish that were entirely true!

Details from the trip are coming in a blog post soon, maybe tomorrow night. I have plenty to share, including photos and video of the process, and cool software stuff. My apologies if the public view link of my training log didn't work, I have fixed it.

The pic above is from today's metabolic test, and I will have more coming soon. Tomorrow morning I am up for a run, then a ride with Joe before I head back to San Diego.


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barndog said...

very cool stuff! sounds like a fun and productive trip. looking forward to some details.