Saturday, November 29, 2008

Training Plans

With my recovery downtime, I've been able to finish up a few projects I've been working on, which includes two half-ironman training plans for triathletes in the San Diego area. The plans are specific to the Oceanside 70.3 and the SuperFrog half-ironman. I have created these plans from scratch, and included much of the Tri Club of San Diego events in the plan, for those who like to participate in those events. For those not in San Diego, or those who don't want to do the club events, the plans also have alternative workouts on those dates. The plan are price very affordably, and will work great for any athlete who is consistent with the plan.

Check it out for more info on my coaching blog:

I've run once since the race, and riding easy with some friends tomorrow. Not too sure about what is next and when I be back to training yet. Just enjoying watching a bunch of college football and getting a bunch of things done which have been hanging over my head for awhile.


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