Monday, November 24, 2008


Not exactly what I spent many months working so hard for. It's clear the virus or food-born illness which I and Orlanda both got on Friday night, had more of an effect on me than I realized. My stomach was so upset and sensitive on Saturday, I couldn't hardly eat anything all day. The day before an Ironman is not a time to be fasting.

It literally got so bad, I decided to try and force myself to throw up, with no luck. I did the best I could to hydrate and sleep and on Saturday, as I felt so weak. I should feel lucky I wasn't as sick as Orlanda was, who was clearly not doing well after a night of little to no sleep and violent vomiting.

On Sunday morning, I felt a lot better, and figured I would give the race a go, and see what happened. I was hoping maybe I ate enough on Friday to make up for a major lack of calories on Saturday.

The swim went fine, as I just hung in the chase pack and cruised, really trying to make an effort to conserve energy, not even trying to go with a faster pack. Came out of the water in 52:29, a new PR. Pretty pleased when I saw that, and figured the race would maybe go better than I expected.

First lap of the bike and I'm riding fairly well, averaging 280+ watts and things are looking good. Second lap, about 1/4 of the way thru it, I suddenly really struggled to hold 250 watts. By the time I got to the turnaround, holding 200 watts was a struggle. It was clear then, my day was over. If I was too weak to hold 200 watts half-way, I clearly was going to put myself in danger if I tried to continue. After the second lap of the bike, I stopped at the penalty tent and dropped out. (No, I did not receive a penalty.)

What's next? Not sure. It's hard to think about the future when all your hard work for months ends up like this.

Thank you to everyone who sent me good-luck emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. I really appreciated it, and wish it could have gone better.



Eric said...

Man keep up the good work better days will come ahead on 2009 It was just bad luck ...

ramon said...

sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hope you and Orlanda recover well. Take care buddy.

Labala said...

Exhale...its over. time to start fresh for 09! keep going!!!

Charisa said...

Congrats on your swim, on toeing the line and giving it your best shot!

Team Big Deal said...

Tough luck Jim, good to see you give it it a crack despite your issues. All the best for 2009 and beyond.

sdmike said...

Your a Pro Triathlete and coach, living the dream. Living the dream. Remember Mark Allens 6 failed attempts at Kona. Keep it up.