Tuesday, November 11, 2008

IMAZ Start List

Ironman Arizona is becoming the deepest field I've ever faced. (Kona was probably deeper, but I didn't really train for it or try to race.)

The funny thing is, the money isn't all that great at all. The reason so many guys are doing this is so they don't have to worry about trying to qualify for Kona again next year, (I'm assuming.)

Here is a sample of guys on the start list who have won an Ironman race in the past, with their name and the Ironman event I know they've won:

Jasper Blake - Canada
Chris Lieto - Japan, Placid
Bryan Rhodes - Canada, UK
Kieran Doe - Canada
Joszef Major - Arizona
Chris McDonald - Wisconsin
Jan Raphael - Florida
Francisco Pontano - Placid

There are bunch of other guys on the list who I respect a lot, who haven't won one yet, but are poised to do well. They include guys who have podiumed at Ironman events before, and guys who haven't done an Ironman, but have had a lot of success at the 70.3 distance.

At this point, the field is so tough, no one can predict what will happen, and who will win. I am actually more relieved that the field is this tough, as it forces me to just focus on myself.

12 days to go, and things are going well. My swimming is coming back, as I've been focusing more on it. I had a small arch strain in my right foot, brought on from a bad blister on my heel I got at Tahoe, which still hasn't healed. (Trust me it's nasty!) It's limited me for my last few runs, but it seems to be back to 100% now. One thing I am hoping is that the rest is exactly what I needed, and will force me to hold back during the taper. I think many of the guys are looking at the start list and thinking they need to get in those last hard workouts to make it happen.

One thing I know for sure, race-day never goes as people think it will. It will be interesting...


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