Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Race week movitation...

I think I found some great motivational tools for this weekend's race. It's been a long year, and these last few weeks it can be tough, when the body starts struggling with the taper, and you start questioning yourself. These are great for reminding me the fun of raceday! I thought others might enjoy these as well. For those of you in the winter months of cold climates, these could make great trainer entertainment!

2005 Ironman coverage: http://ironman.com/...hip/2005-kona-videos

2006 Ironman coverage: http://ironman.com/...hip/2006-kona-videos

2007 Ironman coverage: http://ironman.edgeboss.net/...nman/rebroadcast.wvx

2008 Ironman coverage: http://ironman.edgeboss.net/...008/kona/webcast.wvx



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