Friday, November 7, 2008

Photo Collection Sharing #2

Here's another photo I wanted to share. This one was taken by my good friend, professional photographer, Rich Cruse. Rich captured a pretty awesome moment in this photo, at the XTERRA World Championships in 2005. (Click on the photo for the larger version).

It is late in the bike leg, and I've swam fairly well, and riding fairly well. I'm in the top 25 at this point, and riding with Peter Reid, (behind me). I loved the fact that Peter and I were working together, it was a dream-made moment. I had idolized him and his accomplishments, and to be able to battle back and forth with him on the course was a great moment for me. It helped to show me that I had the ability to compete against the best.

What you can't see in this photo, is Ned Overend. Ned had caught Peter and I, and proceeded to drop both us, (on none other than "Ned's Climb", no less). One of the media folks on the course asked Peter and I during the race, on the climb, how it was going. Peter responded with, "We're getting beat by a 50-year old! How do you think we're doing???" Classic!

Peter and I did catch Ned and a few others on the run. Peter had too much legs for me on the run, and I faded to 17th, with cramps. I remember coming into the home stretch, and I was in 17th, but 11th was less than a minute in front of me. Close race.

It was this duel, which began a friendship with Peter, and later lead to him coaching me and helping me get 3rd at Ironman Florida, as well as 8th at Coeur d'Alene.


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