Monday, December 1, 2008

New Training Plans with Video

Last post I spoke about the new training plans for Oceanside 70.3 and SuperFrog Half Ironman. The other big project I've been working on is a new style of plan, which focuses on improving skills, more so than fitness. The skill I've chosen to focus on is swimming, in which I give 20 different drills and skills for building coordination and feel in the water. The plan includes underwater video with each skill and drill, to help demonstrate the drills effectively and eliminate confusion. (If you've ever tried to explain sculling to someone, then you understand what I'm talking about.) Here's the kicker though...

That's right, the videos are iPod compatible! This allows you to take the videos with you to the pool and review the skills and drills on site. Trying to memorize drills can be difficult, and just reading how to do them can be difficult to visualize.

If you're a coach who stands on deck at a pool, this is a great tool to demonstrate drills without getting in the water yourself. I am selling these plans to both athletes to help them, and to coaches, who could use the videos with clients they have.

If you're a person who swims solo, this plan is for you!

You can get the plans at:

Look for more soon, and in the meantime, check out my coaching blog.


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