Sunday, March 30, 2008

Injuries and ticking clocks

I wish I could say the left leg is healed, but it continues to have issues. Everytime I think I'm healthy, I start back fine and a few days later something else happens with it. Since Saipan, I've had a pulled hamstring, strained quad, and now a strained calf, all on the left side.

It's not a critical time yet, but the clock is ticking, especially if I want to be sure to qualify at Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I am headed to Phoenix this week to get fit on the 986, so I can make sure I won't get injured at XTERRA West, since it's possible the change in position of suddenly jumping on the mtb, could have been a big cause for my hamstring injury in Saipan.

I can still wait a week or two, but by then I've got be 100% and back at it. In the meantime, I've got to keep working on the swim and the bike. We're long course now at UCSD, so that's great news! My bike is still fairly strong right now, and I think this will continue for me.

I am calling in favors, to get in to see people, and the injury is not cheap! I am seeing all my magicians though, and I am hopeful they can make the injury disappear. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what's causing it so I can prevent it in the future.

In other news, I was out watching and cheering clients and friends at Oceanside this weekend. Quite the finish, with Crowie showing a lot of guts to close that gap so quick and make a move for the win. Made me have a lot more respect for him. He's a competitor.

Potts looks great right now, and I expect him to secure his Olympic spot in a couple weeks, at the race in Alabama.



Gould said...

i know a really good acupuncturist who has worked wonders for me! let me know . . . - christine

Tim Stutzer said...

Hey Jim,

cheer up! You are still in fabulous SD and spring is supposedly perfect.

Get well soon and go ROCK ARIZONA!


Allan said...

Injuries are due to you running like a girlie boy!!!
It's Allan from Oz here ... Remember the posture analysis I did on you in Saipan? Your hips are out big time. Hip flexors, hammies, quads and ITB are ALL tight. I suggest you see a good osteopath and perhaps you could try a physio that does 'dry needling' for the calf.
I have a video of the moement you actually hurt the calf in the race ... I will forward it by mail if you email me your postal address.

Allan (Mr Happy)