Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Results for Saipan

The podium

Quick results for those of you wondering...

1. Andy Noble
2. Jim Vance
3. Japanese Pro MTB guy...can't remember his name

1. Renata Bucher (4th Saipan win)
2. Mieko Carrey

More to come...Only have internet for a little bit. Gnarly course though! MUD, MUD, and MORE MUD! I made it through pretty unscathed though!

Check out the mud on the rear triangle. (Yes, the Polar power meter still worked great, despite being covered in mud!)



Whitney said...

Congratulations Jim!!!

ramon said...

Awsome Jim!! Nice start to your season. The podium shots are a good look :) Congrats.

Zippy said...

Nice job, boss! How'd you let that old guy whoop you? Isn't he like 50 or something? :D

Lewie Tenorio said...

Badass Jim!!! Great seeing you in action. Good luck at Tagaman!!!