Friday, March 28, 2008

B+L, San Diego

Why do I love B+L and San Diego? Because on any given day, it's not uncommon for the biggest names in the sports of cycling and triathlon, and even other sports, to walk thru the door. Here's a list of some of the athletes I've seen in there:

Bill Walton
Kate Major
Michellie Jones
Ned Overend
Craig Alexander
Chris Legh
Paula Newby-Fraser
Normann Stadler
Faris Al-Sultan
Joe Friel
Scott Tinley
Conrad Stoltz
Greg Welch

And then today, Ivan Basso shows up while on a ride. He was chatting it up with Matt, a mechanic. I know there have been plenty of other big names in the shop, but I just haven't been there at the same time.

If you come to San Diego, you have to check out B+L. It's not just a shop, it's an institution.


PS - Just got done watching the Women's D1 NCAA Swimming/Diving Championships on ESPN. God, these women can kick my ass, and I don't just mean in the water.

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