Thursday, April 10, 2008

A post is due

Figured I was due with a new post. Sorry about the delay, but so much keeps happening, I figure I need to write about it all. Then when I don't have time to write a long post to catch-up, I don't bother to even write a short one.

My injury seems to be behind me finally. Went to Phoenix to visit the guys at Endurance Rehab, where we figured out my SI joint has been the cause. My hips get out of line and the whole chain down the left leg is affected. When the weakest muscle in the chain breaks down, the whole leg is done. So now I have some exercises to do which can help me strengthen it and keep it aligned.

I only started running last Friday again, and on Wednesday did a 12 miler at about 6:10 pace, comfortably, so it appears I haven't lost much. Meanwhile, my biking is strong, and I'm beginning to pay more attention to keeping the pace honest in my training, staying in Zone 2 more, a lot less Zone 1 stuff.

On Sunday I went and watched the SuperFrog/SuperSeal triathlons, and the Carlsbad 5000. It was great to see Jarrod Shoemaker running well. He came up to me after the race and we talked, catching up. We hadn't seen each other since 2006 at the US Olympic Training Center. He's looking good for Beijing, and if he can have the swim he's shown in the past, and hang on the bike, he's a medal contender.

Also watched Webb DNF. That was unfortunate. I'm sure he's going to take a beating among the Lets Run forum group, and many other critics, but I'm willing to give the guy a break. Hell, he's had lows before and has responded well. I think he'll bounce back from this, and it may be exactly what he needed. Peter Reid used to tell me that he always came into his first race of the year overconfident from his early season training. Then he would have a sense of urgency come his second race, and that's when he suddenly started to really perform and see his fitness.

More to come...I have some videos to share...



jameson said...

you are the worst "blogger" of all time! I like the new design... maybe it will inspire you to write more! Let's grab some beers!

rialena said...

I was just diagnosed couple of day ago that I sprained my SI joint after I did a 6 mile run and everything I've been reading online is that it will never go away, all these people have had it for several years and still have it. I'm starting to get worried. Just had a baby 2 months ago not sure if this is the reason... but I have Vineman coming up and am already worried I wont even have time to do that now. Several years of racing and this is my first injury.