Thursday, March 27, 2008

More photos from Saipan

Alan, who helped me with my pulled hamstring. He was amazingly helpful! He lives in Noosa, so if you're in that part of Australia, check him out.

One of the Japanese tanks from WWII, which sit out in the lagoon. The locals use them as buoys in their open water swims. Pretty cool.

One of the other tanks in the lagoon, this one a bit closer to shore.

Local bike shop owner and mechanic, Rommey. He was esctatic about working on a Look, and wanted a photo of it! He wanted me to leave my 986 hanging in the shop, because it got all the locals fired up about getting one when they walked in and saw it. I told him he needs to be a Look dealer!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon is the local group swim, called "The Tank Swim". You can see the tank in the background, the small spot.

From the north end of the island, on the Tagaman course, this is Bird Island.

This is actually a photo from Tokyo, a Japanese bike lane!

I might post more soon.


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Big Rig said...

It's great to see photos and hear stories from that part of the world.

Thank you.