Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SOMA Half this weekend

This weekend I'm heading to Phoenix to get in a test race, the SOMA Half Ironman. This race fits in nicely and works as a great test and prep race, for IMAZ. It shares much of the same course as IMAZ, so attending this is like a dry-run for IMAZ.

It looks like a good number of quality pro's are showing up too, for the small prize purse, but many with the same plan as me, as they are on the IMAZ start list. A few exceptions though, as apparently Macca, Mike Simpson, and Paul Tichelar are racing too. Throw in some of the guys for IMAZ, like Chris McDonald, Justin Daerr, and Mark Van Akkeran, and it's going to be a good test!

These weeks are always a little tough training wise, because you're not really tapering, but you're not giving the green light to go hard and keep at the self-beat down. You really have to watch yourself and find that balance. I'm also coming off a big 10-day block, so I'm a bit tired and need to be sure I'm recovered for the race.

That's all to report for now, but will have more soon...



jameson said...

Good luck dude! Let's make some kind of bet on our races this weekend. This time the loser really has to buy the beer... we can wait for after IMAZ to pay up.

ramon said...


This is a fun, fast race. Kill it dude. You will do well. Good Luck!

Zippy said...

Saw your results from this weekend. Fastest run split! Sweet!