Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Collection Sharing #1

I don't know why, but I'm feeling a sense of appreciation for my training and racing. Actually, I do know why. I am getting fit. I'm almost as fit as I've ever been, and in a little less than 4 weeks I may well find I'm fitter than ever. Today's swim was good, (a definite improvement), and my run this afternoon was amazing. I am hitting times and speeds on my run routes which I haven't seen since Ironman Florida.

I also am well aware of the amazing opportunities and accomplishments of my life, and racing career. So I figured I would share with you all some cool photos, which I think really symbolize my life, career and pursuits. I will share them over the course of many blog posts. To start, I am sharing the above photo. It was taken by a Tri-Club member, at one of the club's monthly Aquathlon races, a few years ago.

These races are a lot of fun, simple and great workouts. I try to get to every one that I can, because of the open water swimming opportunity and the hard run which follows. I've come a long way with these events. When I start tri's in 2003, I was getting my ass handed to me at these, because I was a terrible swimmer. This year I won the event each time I entered, sometimes not even wearing a wetsuit.

But what I really love about this photo is the fact it captures me. I came to San Diego from the midwest for moments just like you see in the photo. Sunset, ocean and a self-ass-kicking.

Life is good...



Zippy said...

Yeah man, SD rocks. No place I'd rather be.

...and I'm working on firing my coach. Ha!

Charisa said...

Nice pic. Glad the training is going well!