Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Order restored to the universe?

It seems order may be restored to the universe. I just got back from a swim, and it was my best swim in weeks. Don't ask me how, but suddenly it was just flowing better, 2 days after a half-ironman. I was surprised at the times I was hitting, and not trying too hard.

Body feels pretty good, especially considering 48 hours ago I put out a good effort. Was on the massage table with my boy Kevin, and he said I was looking pretty good, amazingly. I'm healthy, with just a couple of blisters being my biggest nuisance.

Looking back on the race, I was pretty happy with the bike and run. If I had been in a "race" where I had some people near me, who knows what I might have run off the bike.

I was recalling my Ironman Florida prep, as that was the last time I was running this well. I distinctly remember how I said, "For me to do well at Florida, I've just got to be smart for the swim and the bike. If I do well, it won't be because I swam and rode awesome, it will be because I was smart and able to run well." I think that's something I've gotten away from, racing to my strength.

Getting things dialed in for the next and last tough block of training before IMAZ. Should be fun...


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