Friday, October 31, 2008

A new low....or is it a new high?

Wow...what's gotten into me? 5 days in a row of posting? Even I'm impressed.

So I've reached a new low weight. Weighed in today at 162 lbs. Good sign.

A little tired, but it's good. Tomorrow is my last BIG ride of the season. Sunday will be the last BIG run of the season. Excited to get them done!

Has anyone seen the start list for IMAZ yet? 61 pro men last time I checked. That might be a record for NA Sports. It's not a creme-puff line-up either. Should be exciting!



jameson said...

congratualtions... You are the "biggest loser"!

just joking homey... when you get back to race I am going to help you gain back some of those lbs.... it's all about the beer!

you're going to kill it!

Jen's Journey said...

Congrats on the pounds lost. Your journey is inspiring.