Friday, February 8, 2008

Motivational Sickie

If you read my Coach Vance blog, then you probably read my recent post on motivation. I discussed some motivational tools, and thought I would share a fun tool I have on my nightstand. Not too many people have a bobble-head of their swim coach on their night stand! This is my swim coach Ron "Sickie" Marcikic, who runs the UCSD masters program. When I wake up in the AM, and it's time to get to the pool, I roll over to turn off the alarm clock and see his BIG head staring right at me, with "GOTTA WANNA" underneath it. That's all the motivation I need not to push the snooze button, and get my butt out of bed!

This makes me want to get a bobble-head of myself for my athletes!



jameson said...

dude there is no way I am putting a bobblehead of you on my night stand... that's just a little to creepy for me.

ramon said...

Aw...come on JW, it wouldn't be that bad. Although would it be with or without your eyeglasses Jim? Could be a deciding factor.