Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Conrad, B+L and Training

Yesterday morning weighed in at 170.3. Up a little, and not surprised, as the diet went a little astray over the weekend. It's clear when the diet strays, my body really notices. Workouts seem to just not be as fluid, etc. I also ate a ton for being in a big volume week, and maybe overdid it.

Finished up with a big week, 28 hours of training total, 16 of it on the bike. I am impressed with how healthy I am, as well as how my numbers seem to be pretty good.

On Friday night I went to the Conrad Stoltz talk with Bob Babbitt, at B+L San Diego here, and was able to do an interview on video with him myself. It was a cool interview, about 15 mins long, and will show up on the internet soon. I will keep you posted.

You can see some photos from it at B+L's blog:

I am currently at home waiting for the plumber to come over and fix our water heater. Thankfully I'm in a recovery period, with skill emphasis, so it should not affect my training too much. (Unless it takes too much time for them to fix it, DOH!)

This week will start a big intensity focus come Thursday, thru the weekend and all next week. I am in for a BIG TEST!

In negotiations with a race director to get me to an international race event, and hopefully it will work out. Stay tuned for some possibly cool news!


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