Monday, November 12, 2007

Heading to Texas! Announcement...

I am back in San Diego, but have a lot to do before heading out to Texas A&M University, where I'll meet John Cobb, the aerodynamics guru, and Joe Friel will be speaking. For more info on that, check out my coaching blog.

I do have a new announcement, which probably shouldn't surprise many, but is cool. As you know, I am now coaching with Training Bible, and Joe Friel. For 2008, I will not only be a Training Bible Coach, I will also be a Training Bible athlete! Joe will be coaching me, and working with me to meet my goals. I'm excited! It will be a great opportunity to work with Joe, and learn from him. Not many people get an opportunity like this, and I feel truly blessed.

Another cool thing about the Texas trip is that I will be staying with my friend, and retired Navy Seal author, Marcus Luttrell. If you've been following my blog, you know that Marcus is the Seal who wrote, Lone Survivor, which is an awesome book! (I am actually a Democrat, and I loved the book, which is very Republican). I will be taking my camera, and hope to take some pics of the trip. I will stay with Marcus at the beginning and end of the trip, hanging with him and some of the other Texas boys.

This week I am supposed to start my prep phase, so I'll be doing some activity in Texas, but basic stuff.

Tomorrow morning I am up and headed to Rehab United, to do an assessment of my physical strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully that will go well, but we will see. I've been drinking a lot of beer, and doing very little activity...not good!

I may not write another blog post until I get back, but I will try. Until then, enjoy your off-season!


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