Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is the word for...

Not quite retired, but not racing? I keep finding myself in a position to explain to people where I am at, and I end up either being asked, or pressured to say, "I'm retired."

I'm not really retired. Retired in my mind means you have no plans to return the daily grind of the profession. I can't say that. I can't say I will return, but I know I also can't say I won't.

The best alternative words for retirement that I've found are:

Semi-Retired - This doesn't even make sense. If I'm not retired, how can I even be semi-retired?

Suspended Indefinitely - True, but it always sounds like you did something wrong. I'm not Plaxico Burres here. I didn't shoot myself in the leg and commit a felony to be suspended from racing. I just don't want to train and race right now.

On Extended Vacation - Perhaps, but that makes it sound like I didn't enjoy my gig. I did, at least for the most part.

Leave of Absence - Perhaps this works, but I always think these people are sick. I'm not sick. At least, not that I'll admit to anyway.

On Hiatus - This one seems to work, as it's the most neutral.

So that's it, I'm on hiatus from racing. Till when? Who knows. I'm not worried about that right now.

The past few days I've actually gotten out on my mountain bike, tooling around. One of my clients is in town staying with me, and I'm working with him, riding here and there on the Look 986. It's such an awesome bike, I enjoy riding it a lot. I'm looking forward to actually getting back on some trails to ride and just mess around. I think that will be a lot of fun. (NO, I am not going to race XTERRA!)

Today I rode with my client Adam, and some fellow Nebraska boys, up to B+L. They did the Swami's ride, while I rode back on the 986. I noticed the tide was out, so when I hit Torrey Pines State Beach, I hit the sand and rode that almost all the way to Scripps Pier! Cool ride, as I have never done that.

Beautiful day here, over 70 degrees. I am blessed by the choices I have made in my life, especially the one to move here!

In the meantime, things with coaching are going extremely well. I continue to gain more clients each week, and I've also seen a huge jump in my writing opportunities, that have really changed my financial situation, and things are moving up! I have 3 articles due by the end of the month for various publications, and I just turned another one in on Thursday. All good signs.

My clients are all seeing great gains, and I am happy to be more focused on them, rather than trying to balance them with my training. Life is good, even if it is while I'm on hiatus.


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jameson said...

so how many LB's have you gained since being on "hiatus"? Life is good... eat burgers, drink beers, and live it up dude... do what makes you happy!!!