Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Diversions...Not the type you create to take attention away from something else, but the type when you're on a commercial flight from San Diego to Chicago and one of the engines fail, so you have to divert the flight to Amarillo, Texas. No joke, I'm writing this post from the airport in Amarillo, after my flight to Chicago made an emergency landing here. I was sitting right along side the left wing, when the left wing engine died.

When we landed, there were emergency rescue crews, fire engines, everything, waiting for us on the runway. I took some photos, but don't have the adapter to download the photos yet. Plenty of people checking out the plane, making sure there was no damage or fire.

The pilot did a great job of salesmanship, downplaying the situation and keeping everyone on the plan calm.

Ironically, we were not even the first plane to have an emergency landing in Amarillo. When we landed on the runway, and exited out the rear emergency exit to get on a bus, there was another propeller plan parked next to us. On the bus from the jet to the terminal, some of airport crew were telling me the other plane had smoke in the cabin, and we were the 2nd emergency landing of the day. Crazy.

I'm about to get on a new flight after a few hours waiting here in Amarillo, and will be in Chicago until Monday. I'll be working with athletes at a big TrainingBible Coaching clinic on Saturday, and a speaking to a bunch of local coaches on power and training with technology, on Saturday.

Stay tuned for more. I'll try to upload pictures as soon as I can, but it may not be until Tuesday, if my adapter is at home.


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