Wednesday, December 10, 2008


While researching a topic for my coaching blog, I came across a training guide for a company, which uses a quote of mine, citing me. It's the first time I've found myself quoted, and when I read it I was actually asking myself, "Wow, when did I say that?" I was pretty impressed with the quote, and it took me awhile to find out where it came from.

The quote was placed in a marathon row training guide for an indoor rower company in the UK, called Concept2 Rowing Machines. They place it at the top of the section in the guide called, "Mental Preparation for a Marathon Row." The quote was taken from three years ago, in USAT's magazine, Triathlon Life, when I was asked, "What motivates you?"

“I’m motivated by the internal desire to test my limitations in the world. To truly find out what I’m capable of I must know my limitations. It never ceases to surprise me that my limitations are well beyond what I thought.”
Elite triathlete - Jim Vance

I'm impressed how the quote transcends our sport, and can be a motivational line for life. Sometimes, I still surprise myself.


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