Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IMCDA? Or maybe IM Anchorage?

Well, I think I may have confused this race with Ironman Alaska....It's been cold and wet here. This morning it was 38 degrees when I got up. It got up to a balmy 51! People are worried about the water temp, hell, they should be more worried about the air temp!!!

Tomorrow is my last big workout before the race, and it's supposed to rain in the morning, then thunder storms in the afternoon. Greeeeaaaaat.

Luckily it cleared up for my ride and run today, and the clinic I did on Sunday. I don't mind running in the rain, but I don't want to take any risks with a ride in the rain. I think I'll be on the trainer in the morning.

Planning to post some pics soon.


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Michael said...

Yes the weather in the NW has been miserable this year which has made it tough for all of us who live here. I was in CdA in April for a weekend of training and I was riding in snow flurries when it's normally in the 60's. Good news though high pressure is moving in and forecast for race weekend is dry and temps in the 70's.

I do like the idea of an IM Alaska, best of all is everyone would finish in the daylight if it's in the summer.

Don't get discouraged it'll warm up (a little).