Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting near...

It isn't much longer now. I'm feeling pretty good and things seem to be coming together nicely. I've been on the massage table everyday since Monday, and have seen a dramatic difference in how I feel and how loose and clean my muscles are. The great thing about the massage is the same guy who worked on me before Florida is the one I've been with this week, William. William runs the Center 4 Recovery in Tampa, Florida, and came out to work on athletes here in CdA. It's been great to have a guy like him who knows what he's doing, and being consistent with him allows us to work on the areas we need and periodize the massages for the week. It's made a big difference already in how I feel!

I also have been able to just relax, and not feel rushed. Getting here 2 weeks early, I wasn't sure was the best thing, but now, I see how much it's done for me. Normally I would have arrived Monday or Tuesday, and been hauling butt to get my bike together and ready, get out and ride as much of the course as possible, and drive the rest, see the run course, get my numbers, get massages lined up, go to my homestay or hotel, get food, everything like that. It's like you're so damn busy you can't relax and really taper. This year, I'm not in any rush, and don't need to see the course, as I've ridden it a bunch and know it well. I've run plenty on the run course, and was able to get a head start on the massages. I have all the food ready for the week pretty much, and things are low-key. All I've been filling my time with is client plans to write and charts to follow-up with, sleeping, eating, catching a few movies I've been wanting to see, and final preps. Normally, I would be stressed at home right before I left, trying to get a bunch of stuff done, but that didn't happen this time because I did it 2 weeks ago. This really has worked well so far!

Last night things got even better, as I met up with my boy Tony, and we went to dinner. Those of you that know me know who Tony is, as he's been a part of my life for many years. He recently moved back to Idaho, living and working back in Moscow, about 90 miles down the road. He's here working for RaceDay Wheels, and going thru the final touches of my bike as I write this. There is no one in the world I would rather have work on my bike than him. He's awesome, and I don't have to stress about the bike now either. It will be great to see him out there on race-day, supporting me as well.

Tonight I go get Orlanda from the airport, and tomorrow Marcus arrives. Like I said, things are starting to come together nicely.

I'll check in again before the race, but that's all for now.



Michael Clinch said...

It has been great following your 'journey' via your blog. I hope everything continues to come together. We will be cheering you on from San Diego!!!

jameson said...

good luck dude... I will be rooting for you all day sunday!