Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PossAbilities Tri

About 10 days ago I finished 2nd at the PossAbilities Triathlon in Redlands, CA. Bummed not to win, (and the bigger paycheck that comes with it!), but happy to place. Chris Stehula won, using his short course focus to beat me over the very short, very fast race of 5k run, 10.5 mile bike, and finish of 175 yard pool swim. (Yes, the race was backward.) Ran 15:50, held right near my FTP of 340 watts on the bike, which was 3 laps with 2 u-turns per lap and 1 large hill going down and u-turn back up.

Not a bad performance, as I certainly don't train for races of this intensity or duration, (just over 40 mins). I also rode LONG on Friday, and Saturday was still a double, before heading up to Loma Linda University, where the race was held.

After the race, it was back to San Diego for a long run that evening, and packing to head to Austin for the week. More to come on the Austin trip.



Whitney said...

Congratulations Jim! 340 watts??? Damn.

Redlands Cyclist said...

Missed you in Loma Linda yesterday. Stehula won it again. Someone needs to take that guy down! :-) Kiwi Brian Rhodes (Rhodesy) came up 5 seconds short.