Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother Nature is a B&%$H!

I think the title says it all. In XTERRA, they say Mother Nature is your biggest challenger. This week, she has reared her ugly head in the form of bacteria.

This morning I awoke and tried to see how I would feel on a run without taking my antibiotics yet. I thought if this run went really well, I could actually recover in time for the race on Sunday, since Saturday morning will be my last dosage of the antibiotics.

The run started great! I felt really light, legs fluid, and I was getting excited. A little while later I am looking down and can't believe the pace, 7 mins. Terrible. I try to push it a little, 6:30's. Damn it. I get onto the boardwalk and think I'll get going, especially with a tailwind as I headed south along the ocean. 6:20's. Not much else. A few surges, and I can must 5:30's. Terrible.

Later in the day, and I am toasted. Sluggish and tired, from just a 45 min run, which was nothing stellar. Mother Nature has claimed its first casualty for Sunday. I am out. Back on the antibiotics, and just going to try to do what I can to keep fitness until I am able to get back to normal, which will hopefully be Monday or Tuesday.

My investments physically, emotionally and financially, are in IMCDA. I must remember that.


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jameson said...

It's ok to be scared man... I was going to rip you up on the run course! I think I win by default. I'll take a sixer of Firestone Double Barrel Ale.

get better!