Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not a possum

Ok, I swear I was not playing possum.

10th - XTERRA West

More on the race to come, including splits, etc. I had no intention of racing as of yesterday morning. Then I went for an hour run, and though it didn't go great, it definitely wasn't as horrible as I expected to feel. Then I went for a 90 minute to 2 hour ride, only to feel really good! The great thing about a power meter is "WATTS DON'T LIE!" I saw good numbers and decided to test myself on a longer hill. 6 mins and 380 watts average later, I was wondering why I'm not racing. I wasn't racing because I needed to finish the antibiotics, and I wasn't going to feel good enough to race if I finished them, and certainly I needed to finish them so I didn't sacrifice IMCDA.

Well, I had taken the last antibiotic dose that morning, and to feel that good on the bike, I thought I might have a chance with about 18 hours until race time. So I called up Joe, and we talked. We agreed I could give it a go if I didn't let it bother me mentally if I had a bad race. (He did not suspect it would go well!)

In short race report...

Swim - Bad
Bike - Strong! Had a flat though, had to stop and refill it.
Run - Strong! Ran out of T2 feeling great. Ran well, until cramp in my right hammy had me stopping and walking a little, stretching too.

More to come...



ramon said...

Jim, sweet to see you back and gettin' after it. Nice job on your finish. Without the flat and the cramps...who knows. Stoked!

Zippy said...

You looked strong when I saw you. Considering the week you just had and the horribly hot weather, you did great.