Monday, April 21, 2008

Palomar and LA

Last week was a recovery and test week, and the tests went well. I was pleased, as I continue to improve, even despite my running injuries!

Swim test - 15x100 with 10 secs rest. Averaged 1:08.5's, down from 1:10's.
Run test - 5K on the track at 165 bpm, in 17:54, down from 18:54, A FULL MINUTE! And I've hardly been able to run.
Bike test - This was the trickier one. Actually went to Palomar with Mac Brown, and did the climb. Last year in the weeks leading up to Coeur d'Alene, I managed to do 67 mins. This time I did 65 mins, and had 14 watts better average, despite being stupid and starting out with Mac. He killed me on the climb by the way, riding away from me early on, finishing it in under an hour. Impressive. I averaged 324 watts, so Mac had to be around 350-370.

Make an adjustment with the shoes, and now the leg seems to be handling it well. Excited about the training and the running improving. Watching Boston Marathon today only helped that more.

Went up to LA for the weekend, and stayed with one of my TrainingBible Coaches, Jeff Vicario. Jeff is a great guy, knows a lot. I'm excited to be working with him.

He showed me some cool riding areas, and saw a TON of cyclists out. Saw the funniest damned thing, a Lamborghini with a bike rack on the bike, with bike mounted. Had to laugh my ass off, and was hoping the guy would get stuck at light so I could snap a picture. Never happened for me though.

Enjoy a run on the boardwalk and things thru Manhattan Beach and the surrounding areas, after a two mile swim from Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach Pier. Apparently that is the big group swim in LA. A fair number of people, and enjoy it, although the water was a bit on not-tasty side.

Otherwise, things are going well, just busy. Back at it tomorrow with 3 workouts plus massage therapy session. Damn, I've got too much crap going on...


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