Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RIP Dasy

If you've followed this blog, you know I am close with Marcus Luttrell. Marcus, his twin brother Morgan, JT, Boe, Ben and a host of other Navy Seals I have been blessed to know, and be friends with. There are certain people who come into your life, and they get you to realize what loyalty, care, courage, respect and love are about. Each one of these gentlemen I've met have brought this to my life.

I have spent time in Huntsville, Texas, at the Luttrell residence, with Marcus and Mama. I've had Marcus let me shoot some of his guns, and laugh at what a terrible shot I was. He respects my toughness like I'm a Seal, but knows I wouldn't make it as a sniper for the Seals.

I've met the animals on the farm, from Mama's horses, to the dogs, including Dasy. Last week, Dasy was murdered by some local punks in the Huntsville area, who were out shooting dogs. (I can't believe I have to even write that sentence.)

Marcus called me on March 29th, to catch-up, and tell me how he was hoping to see me at an upcoming wedding here in San Diego, for a mutual friend in the Seals, Ben. He had just gotten out of the hospital after having some surgery from complications still dating back to his miraculous survival in Afghanistan. He was on the mend, and things seemed like that were going to be good. It was a privilege to hear from him.

Then the next thing I hear is this news, and I am just thankful that Marcus did not murder these men. I am amazed at the restraint he showed as trained killer. I can't imagine I would have done the same.

The fact these guys even threatened Marcus afterward, shows a lack of any conscience. Then the other scumbag turned himself in, thankfully...

As soon as I heard about this, I called Marcus, and just wanted to pay my respects, and let him know I'm here if he needs anything. I know he doesn't, but man, I had to call. Killing that dog was like trampling on the graves of the lost Seals.

I worry now. I really hope these guys don't mean what they say, because next time, Marcus will not hold back I'm sure. I don't want to see him deal with more death and trauma. But these guys don't realize they just messed with over 2,000 of the most elite-trained killers the world has ever known.

I'm thankful my parents taught me right and wrong, and I'm thankful I have Seals in my corner.


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