Sunday, April 12, 2009

DVR has changed my life, and saved it. Happy Easter too!

Today I was able to watch the Masters, Paris-Roubaix, and the 70.3 World Championships. It's amazing what DVR can do! In my training, especially in the fall, DVR allowed me to train and not miss my biggest and favorite TV shows, games, etc. My favorite of course, were Nebraska football games. College football is a big Saturday sport, but Saturdays were also the typical times for big rides with groups, etc. It made it much easier to get out and get my workouts in, and still be able to catch all the action, from pre-game and kick-off, until the final buzzer. It's like the world of College Football was on my time.

It's amazing how much DVR has done for me in terms of not stressing to get to the TV to catch the things which interest me, and how I can fast forward thru commercials to even maximize the little time I have to spend to watch shows or games.

Now that I'm not training, and instead working my tail off, I've been reminded how much it helps to save my marriage! Most wives don't pay attention or even care about whether they are talking to you during commercial breaks or right at the climax of a show or game, they just want to talk with you. Instead of having to decide which to pay attention to, or half pay attention to each, I'm now able to push pause, and make my wife happy, and still catch all the action! Sometimes I don't even push pause, just turn my attention straight to her, and then go back and rewind and catch back up to where I was. It's awesome!

Thank you DVR gods!

Today I was talking with Orlanda and how much I like Easter compared to Christmas. At Easter, people just care about getting together and enjoying company. There isn't the stress of gifts, travel, etc. Kids are the main focus, not adults. It's really nice.

Happy Easter!


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