Thursday, February 26, 2009

Threshold at the OTC

I was in Colorado Springs, with Justin Trolle, who is USA Triathlon's Elite Athlete Development Manager, learning a lot and discussing a lot of different training theories, etc.

I went to some practice sessions at the pool, and met Mike Doane, who coaches Andy Potts. He and I hit it off really well, and I learned a lot from him on swimming. We even discussed Andy's approach to training this year, with short course and Kona coming. Interesting stuff.

I can tell though, I am creeping back to the threshold of wanting to get back to training. It's funny how I can creep back up to it, and then the next day I could care less about wanting to train and getting back at it. We will see what happens.

Interestingly, Andy Potts sat on his butt for 5 years doing nothing after college, when he graduated from Michigan in 1997. By 2002 he was starting back into triathlon, was quickly back at it. By 2004, he was at the Athens games.

Maybe a year off isn't so bad? I don't think 5 is right for me though.


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Scott said...

I'm thinking Ironman Louisville in Aug., then Kona in Oct.!!!