Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revisiting the drug issue in sports

I can't stand drug cheats. I've been a vocal proponent of drug testing, and at times mentioned the names of people who have been busted, as evidence of my distrust to believe any of their performances as clean. This was not always a popular position to take.

In the past week or so, we've seen some drug issues come to light, and here's one which sickens me. He's innocent until proven guilty, but the circumstances of trying to close a case by intimidation of investigating officials, rather than by transparency is hard to swallow...

Then we have our famous A-Rod. Sadly, he cheated. He admitted it, and I am thankful he admitted it, even though it was not due to a guilty conscious. But much like I said in a post about a year ago on Floyd Landis, when the system must cheat to catch the cheaters, only injustice prevails. I think this says it clearly...

It's always tough. Performing well just makes you not care about drug use that much when you're clean. But once you start to stumble a little, you start looking at your competition with a stricter eye. We have to be careful though...Be too vocal and you sign your career death warrant, as sponsors will be distant, as will your fellow competitors, sometimes even ganging up against you. Be too quiet, and people start thinking you're possibly cheating.

I don't have many answers to provide. I just want to see a system that catches the cheaters, and does it fairly, without violating the rights of all of us. Then again, I've always been accused of being a bit of a dreamer.


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