Monday, February 16, 2009

Continuation of doping....

I recently have heard some references to Marion Jones with professional cyclists...

Let me just say on here...If you heard Marion Jones on Oprah a while back, that girl, (and I'm putting that nicely), was lying out of her teeth to Oprah. She knew exactly what was going on and what she was taking. There was an entire drug regimen calendar which was seized by the authorities and turned over and admitted to by Victor Conte.

She claimed she wasn't aware of what she was taking and that is as truthful as Nixon on Watergate. After lying to a federal grand jury and spending time in prison for it, she is trying to win back the public favor, and it's all propaganda.

I was so disgusted when my wife and I watched the interview, that after yelling at the television, trying to call out her lies, my wife couldn't watch the rest of the interview. Neither could I. We deleted it from the DVR.

A friend recently emailed me about my post about drug use in triathlon, and asked me if I really believed many guys were doping, and what about all the drafting accusations. He made my point for me...I stated to him, "Plenty of guys are willing to cheat right in front of my face, on the course, so why is it crazy to think they'll cheat when I'm not looking?"

Sad state of affairs, but please, don't believe that lying b***h, Marion Jones.


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