Monday, August 13, 2007

Ironman Wisconsin, Training Bible Coaching Announcement

It's official, I'm set for Ironman Wisconsin. I am now entered, have confirmed a homestay, and bought plane tickets for myself, Orlanda and my support crewman, JT. I'm in. Now I have 2 more weeks of good training, then shutting it down, with the hopes of competing well.

If you're doing Wisconsin, drop me an email, and be sure to say hello when I get out there! If you haven't seen the course, check out, as the guy has some AMAZING video footage of the ENTIRE COURSE! SWIM, BIKE AND RUN! I couldn't believe it, but it's for real.

All signs seem to show my fitness is coming around, hopefully timed perfectly! I did have a small Achilles issue this past weekend, and had to cut my long run yesterday. Started out, and hoped it would loosen up. It did, but not enough, soon enough. So I turned around after 15 mins, and cut it before 30 minutes. Later in the day it was a little tighter than I wanted, so cutting the run was the smart choice. Best to take off a day or two, and nurse it back to 100%, than miss a whole bunch of key workouts for a week. You can't fake the run in an Ironman!

I am pleased with how it's healing, and I see the ART guru Dan Selstad in the morning, so it should be good to go by Wednesday, when I do a big run workout.

Since I couldn't get in a long run, and Saturday was a long ride with 40 min t-run, I decided to do a LONG swim in the open water, sans wetsuit. I swam the Gatorman course with some folks here, and enjoyed it. I had a current which kind of acted as a tail current on the way out, but was a BITCH on the way back. I cruised out easy from La Jolla Cove to the Scripps Pier, in 38 mins. I picked it up on the way back, at times moving pretty well, only to struggle with the current and chop, finishing in 1:15, just 1 minute faster. Had some nice chaffing from my SpeedZoot, since I forgot to lube up...OUCH! One thing you learn quickly about swimming long in the open water, "Objects are farther than they appear!"

So now for some announcements...

As I said in my last blog entry, I'm speaking at the Tri Club of San Diego meeting this Thursday evening. Come check it out if you can. I'm looking forward to it...

The biggest announcement I have is one I've been working on for awhile, but haven't been sure when to announce it. I think the time has come...Starting September 1, I will be running Joe Friel's Training Bible Coaching for all of Southern California and Baja California! It is an exciting opportunity, and is something which will only make me a much better coach, with more knowledge, better resources and a bigger arena to showcase it. Already, Joe has taught me so much, and I look forward to learning more than I knew possible.

Joe came out to San Diego a few weeks ago in July, and we discussed a lot of things, working out the details, making sure we were both a good fit for each other. The Training Bible brand is one of the most recognized and respected in all of endurance sports. It is great to be associated with this company, and leading it's growth in Southern California!

You can find out more at More details to follow in the coming weeks/months.

Hope your training and racing is going well!

Vance - 2007 NFA

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