Thursday, August 9, 2007

Catching up, with some announcements

It's been hard to write a blog entry, because sometimes I just want to chronicle everything, and then I realize there would be so much to write about, I'd be wasting some training and recovery time!

So to catch-up, I got on the anti-biotics, and let me tell you, they can dehydrate you! I struggled on the Swami's ride last weekend, felt like I was battling cramps from the get-go. Not good when you're putting in about 120 miles! And to make matters worse, a few big-wigs showed up on the ride, and pushed it, (Ned Overend, Neil Shirley, etc). I actually realized I would have to either hammer, or get dropped. Since I was just coming back, I chose to get dropped. GOOD THING, because a few hours later, I was battling cramps and struggling.

Sunday wasn't much better, as I hoped for a 90 min to 2 hour long run. Got about 5 miles out and turned around with the boys I was with, clearly struggling.

Monday - rest day. THANK GOD!

Tuesday - AM swim, not bad actually. Noon weight session, which went well. PM run session, not so great. 90 mins with some 2 mile repeats on my course at Vacation Island. I was doing these much better before CDA, but I'm still just getting back into things. I am pretty sure things will get better.

Wednesday - Swam, and did pretty well in the morning. Couldn't believe how going slow felt crappy, and going fast didn't feel any different, just a mental shift of gears. After the swim, was on the bike for just short of 5 hours with Mac. Did a lot of climbing, and body is beat-up, especially my legs.

I think things are still right on schedule. I am definitely not where I need to be for Wisconsin, but with the next few weeks, I think I am going to see some quick, and LARGE gains. A good base from earlier this year should start paying the dividends soon. (I HOPE!)

Today is a down day. Meeting my trainer for a core-workout session, and had some ART this morning. Tomorrow is a bigger day, leading off a big weekend. Wish me luck on that!

In other news and announcements...

If you didn't see it at Inside Triathlon's website, I interviewed Mac, on his great season so far, and his plans, goals, etc, for the rest of the year and beyond. Check it out if you haven't...

A new announcement, I am speaking at the Tri Club of San Diego Club Meeting on Thursday, August 16th, at Road Runner Sports, at 6:00 PM. Should be a great gig, as the club always has a BIG turnout for these meetings, (1800+ members helps to get good attendance). I am a last minute switch, as they had planned to have me do it in November, but with a cancellation, they asked me if I could do it sooner, so I said sure.

It's a pretty cool opportunity to me personally, because I remember going to these meetings to hear some great speakers, pro's, etc, and hoping to be as successful as them in the sport one day. People like Michellie Jones, Greg Welch, Peter Reid, Chris McCormack, and a slew of others. A cool twist of fate, as I am a product of the Tri Club of San Diego. If you're thinking about coming, come on out, I'd love to share my story with you all, and help answer any questions about training, racing, etc.

Another big announcement will come soon. Hopefully 2 announcements!

Vance - 2007 NFA

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