Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lots to update...

Sorry for a lack of updates, but the last update was a pretty good one!

There is plenty to update everyone on...things are getting good, and I'm getting excited.
Here are some photos from the XTERRA race...
This is Craig Evans, my boy I hosted, leading us out of the water after the first lap. On the left of him is Seth Wealing, and Conrad is right behind Craig. If you look at the arm just to the left of Craig's head, that's me. When I see that arm motion, I cringe! Shouldn't have my recovery arm that high! Working on that in the pool right now.
This is a cool photo. From left to right, Dan Hugo of South Africa, myself, and my swim training partner, Marc Guilianotti.

This photo is obviously me on the run course. That run performance has my confidence quite high, as I haven't had a run like in a triathlon in a long time. It's a good sign for IMCDA.
Latest start list for IMCDA now includes:

Jasper Blake - IM Canada Champ
Tom Evans - 2 time IM Champ
Swen Sundberg - Faris' training partner
Lewis Elliott - 3rd at Oceanside 70.3
Victor Zyemtsev - IM USA Champ
Michael Lovato - IM AZ and CDA Champ
Bryan Rhodes - IM UK Champ

Rumor has it that Steve Larsen will be toeing the line as well. Should be an interesting race.

I'm back in a big training block, 2 weeks long, then shutting it down for CDA. Last week tried to do Palomar, and put in 6 hours in the saddle. That was a mistake! I was still feeling XTERRA, as I absolutely BLEW up on the climb, about 45 mins into it. Took 2 days off entirely, and have started back with a vengance! Had two awesome swims to start this week, and this afternoon have a good run workout planned. Tomorrow I have another date with Palomar, but am doing it with my boy Mac Brown, who is also doing CDA. I'm planning for it to go much better than last week!

I am now entering hermit mode. No more meeting up with friends. No more scheduling crap. My whole life for the month of June is IMCDA. This includes my birthday, the 15th. My main method of communication will be email and this blog.
Vance - NFA 2007

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Anonymous said...

Jim, Good luck in the last block of training for IMCDA, and congrats on your great race at Xterra!
Keep us all in the loop, we'll be rooting for you.

-Dave P

ps - that was me on Memorial Day who road past you on the boardwalk and said, "JIM!"